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Design is like golf: Anyone can do it, but to be a top professional takes years of practice, elite training, lengthy research, and most of all, experience. At Helios Flores Invent, our product design team provides you with innovative, cost effective, manufacturable, and marketable industrial design solutions for your new product.


Helios Flores Prototype Development is the highest quality at the best value. The reason for this is simple – we utilize the low costs of completing certain prototypes directly with the factories that could manage your production. Our fully functional professional prototypes are within the specification of your final off-the-shelf product.


We have been sourcing existing products, and manufacturing new ones all over the world for North American companies and Europe. All planning, negotiations, banking, and contracts are done through our office, thus alleviating your risk of dealing directly with overseas manufacturing. Our company deals almost entirely with proprietary products and inventions. Combined with our vast experience in a wide range of technologies, and our deep knowledge of international intellectual property protection, we are very well suited to handle even the most complex of your manufacturing needs.


​Helping you get onto store shelves – This is where we really rise above the competition. We have networks that sell or license consumer products to all major retailers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. We also have a strong distribution, wholesale, trade and licensing network for commercial and industrial products.


There are numbers of solutions and strategies that Helios Flores Invent can work with you on to reduce the cost of Intellectual Property protection, expedite the protection process, and ensure the best strategy in developing your technology.