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Helios Flores 

Founded: 2013
​​​Owner: AasyeaTech Company
​Established: 2010 
​Areas of expertise: Solar systems and green energy, new products design and development, and technology research and manufacturing. 

From concept to design, from design to engineering, from engineering to prototype, from prototype to marketing and from marketing to production we will handle it all for you. 

At Helios Flores, our goal is to help you to become the inventor you aspire to be. You will feel like a pro when you see your concept is transformed into a prototype.  With us you will believe you have made the right decision choosing our company. We are sure that we can take your  product much further when we market your product. We will guide you through the decisions, providing fresh options and standing back while you choose your favorites. Helios Flores supervises the entire project to finish.   

Company Profile

History of The Company


Our Story

Helios Flores is a division of Aasyeatech Company. Aasyetech Company (ATC) was established in 2010 as a Canadian company with its principle place of business in Toronto, Ontario. ATC conducted business in various activities which covered advanced technology and computer. In 2013, ATC directed its attention toward research and new products developments. A new department was created to be dedicated to new product development. Now, this department is an independent division with its budget and marketing teams. Helios Flores developed many products in wide range of high tech. field of industry. Many of the new ideas were developed into prototype working models. All prototypes have been subjected to rigours development design and manufacturing procedures. All prototypes have been undergone extensive functionality and safety testing.  Helios Flores has many products in its pipe line to develop prototypes which is expected to see the light soon.​

​​​(November 2016)