One of the world’s most powerful and quickest solar chargers that charges at the speed of light with the most powerful and simple charger for smartphones, tablets and all your mobile devices. Charge your mobile devices anytime, anywhere.


Harnesse the Power of the Sun to Charge your Mobile Devices Super Easy & Fast




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Helios Floris revolutionary charger features.
-          Inexpensive versatile sophisticated battery charger.
-          3-way chargeable; AC, standard USB, and light source (solar or artificial).
-          Battery bank with charging capacity of up to 100,000 mAh of usage.
-          Wireless charging capability.
-          Mobile charging duration reduced by up to 40% of standard charging duration.
-          Two Standard USBs outlets of 1A & 2A.
-          Modern solar panel capable of charging battery bank in direct sun or artificial lights.
-          Lasting charge for up to 60 days.
-          Compact size.
-          Light weight.
-          Protective luxurious leather case.

A Premium Solar Charger

  Enjoy efficient portable solar power day or night with the Helios chargers. Charge your phone, tablet and all other USB powered devices anywhere and anytime. Featuring a 5- volt solar panel and a 10,000 mAh to 100,000 mAh battery. And powerful dual 1A and 2A USB ports which will charge your mobile phone or tablet in about 40% of the average charging standard duration.

 Solar Power Everywhere
Whether in the park, at the beach, at a music festival, on the bus, subway, or out trekking, Solaris chargers always let you enjoy free and endless solar power. Simply open up the unit to start charging either the internal battery or USB devices like your phone or tablet. Thanks to Solaris chargers’ huge internal battery, you can even charge your devices after the sun sets. It is your complete mobile charging solution on the go.

Compatible with USB Devices

Not all solar chargers are created equal. Standard Solar chargers can only communicate effectively with and charge certain devices. Thanks to the Solaris chargers’ built-in intelligent charging circuitry, each of the two USB ports can communicate with the attached device, such as your mobile phone, or tablet, and thereby always charge at the maximum possible rate. So plug in any USB device to your Solaris chargers and enjoy.

A Unique Case

The Solaris chargers’ unique luxurious leather case protects the solar panel, battery and your device from the elements. You can carry it anywhere there is light (sun or artificial).

The Solar chargers started out with a basic idea: How can we create a powerful and environmentally friendly charger that people want to use all the time?  To us, it was important to create a product that people would embrace as one of their favorite belongings. And add to their list of essentials that they always take with them, every time they leave home.  

Drawing from our previous experience with solar panels, professionally and as consumers we wanted to create something unique and powerful. Something that could truly charge your devices efficiently. Too many solar chargers on the market today are barely strong enough to charge an iPhone within a reasonable amount of time. We wanted to create a solar charger strong enough to effectively charge even devices like the iPad. A charger that would allow its user to be mobile everywhere, anytime.